Christina Coulombe, Coach and Personal Trainer

Christina is National Strength and Conditioning Association Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Physical Preparation Specialist. She has been in the fitness industry since 2011 and currently works out of Synergy Training Centre in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

The mission of her brand, Perfect Fitness & Lifestyle, is to help you achieve your fitness goals through sustainable lifestyle changes, including personalized training programs, nutrition coaching strategies, and other important lifestyle components such as stress management, adequate sleep hygiene and support systems.

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Deven Kennedy, First Responder and Personal Trainer

Originally from rural Prince Edward Island, Deven moved to Nova Scotia in 2013 to pursue a career in law enforcement. In 2022, he was involved in a traumatic incident while on duty. During his recovery, he used fitness and a variety of healthy lifestyle choices to aid in his full return to duty. He has continued his pursuit for fitness and a healthy lifestyle through cold water therapy, CrossFit training and cycling. On his days off from policing, he is a Crossfit Level 1 coach and personal trainer at 902 Athletics in Southwestern Nova Scotia. His passion includes helping first responders and clients deal with stress and trauma through health and fitness.

Work Water fueled vacations consist of rooftop tenting adventures and dropping into CrossFit gyms with his partner Kristen and their three pugs. 

PS. If you know any good local gyms in your area, let me know on my social media accounts!

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Stephanie Samson, RMT

Originally from Cape Breton, Stephanie currently works as a Registered Massage Therapist out of the Lifemark Sport Medicine Canada Games Centre in Halifax, NS. Through her practice, she focuses on helping clients connect their body and mind through myofascial, slow deep tissue, and cupping techniques, working to balance the nervous systems with breath work to help resolve the pain and musculoskeletal dysfunction patterns. She is trained in 200hr Power Yoga, Yogassage, Yin, Yoga Nidra, breath work, Gua sha, hot stone, Indian head massage, soft tissue release, and is certified in Mindful Meditation.

Stephanie has a keen interest in assisting clients in developing supported and embodied self care rituals. Known for her slow, deep tissue treatments, she is uniquely able to combine therapeutic healing with a calm, relaxing tone. She loves to hold space for her clients, understanding while listening to what your needs are, and works to create personal goals with her clients. When she is not treating, Stephanie likes to spend time with her mini dachshunds, hiking, paddle boarding, photography and exploring the beautiful nature that Nova Scotia has to offer.

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Raina, Mermaid

Raina owns and runs the award winning company Halifax Mermaids, and was one of the first professional mermaids in Canada getting her start in late 2008. Raina is also recognized internationally as a pioneer in the mermaid community when it comes to working with children and educating others. Raina is the author of"Fishy" Business: How to be a Mermaid,  "Fishy" Business: My Life as a Mermaid and The "Fishy" Business Handbook. The books were created to help empower, educate, and inspire others who want to work as a performer and make a difference in the world. Raina gives talks and workshops based on her books both online and in person. In 2018 Raina launched "Splashin' Fashion" - clothing made in Canada from recycled plastic, patterned with her unique ocean designs and photos, and starred in a documentary about her life called: "Raina: A Year in the Life of a Mermaid". Raina has a degree in child and youth development, a degree in education along with her Nova Scotia teaching license, and believes that people - especially children - learn the best through play experiences.

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Jillian MacCallum Sproul, Executive Director and Powerlifter

Meet Jil, from Charlottetown, PEI! A busy, high functioning, caffeine fueled executive director, mom, partner and athlete, her number 1 life goal is to live to be 100!
Daily life is spent at the office at BioFoodTech where she leads the organization as Executive Director. As ED, Jil gets to lead the organization to support economic growth/development in the food industry on PEI.
After work, it’s time for mom/wife life and powerlifting! Jil’s been competitive powerlifter in the Canadian Powerlifting Union for 10 years as a master athlete with her partner John and most recently also with youngest son AJ; it’s a #familyaffair! Jil is passionate about leadership, health and wellness and discovering resilience!
“As much as I love coffee, often it’s a WORK WATER for me!”.
The pace of her life isn’t an issue, it’s a gift to have challenges and the ability to face them!
“Realizing resilience is the superpower that breeds longevity”.

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