About Work Water

At Work Water, we are passionate about providing a healthier alternative to traditional energy drinks. Founded by Brody Hanson, our mission is to offer a clean, natural, and refreshing beverage that fuels your workday without compromising on taste or well-being.

Brody Hanson, CEO of Work Water, embarked on this journey with a simple desire to replace conventional energy drinks. As a working professional himself, he relied on caffeine to stay energized but found most off-the-shelf energy drinks unappealing due to their questionable ingredients. Intrigued by the idea of a better, healthier alternative, Brody delved into the world of beverage creation, starting from scratch with no prior experience.

Driven by his vision, Brody saw an opportunity in the market and made it work for him. He began experimenting in his kitchen, meticulously blending ingredients until he crafted a beverage that met his high standards. Work Water was born, a refreshing drink made with natural flavors, natural caffeine extracted from green coffee beans, and sweetened with stevia.

What sets Work Water apart is its commitment to providing a clean label. We've eliminated artificial sweeteners, artificial preservatives, and added sugars. With Work Water, you can enjoy a beverage that not only tastes great but also supports your healthy lifestyle.

One of the reasons Brody was motivated to create Work Water was his concern for the harmful effects of conventional energy drinks. He learned of stories where individuals experienced adverse health events due to the multiple stimulants and synthetic ingredients found in energy drinks. Determined to offer a safer option, Brody focused on creating a beverage that energizes without compromising well-being.

As an entrepreneur entering the beverage industry with no prior background, Brody questioned traditional norms and sought innovative solutions. He discovered that beverages typically don't ship directly to consumers, but he challenged this notion. Leveraging the changing landscape of commerce, Work Water is proud to offer online sales through our Shopify website, ensuring accessibility and convenience for our customers.

Beyond the formulation and distribution, Brody paid attention to the aesthetics of the brand. He recognized that many energy drinks are marketed with flashy designs and extreme imagery, catering to a specific demographic. In contrast, Work Water's sleek and sophisticated look reflects its target audience: working professionals seeking a reliable and refined boost without compromising their style.

Join us in this journey towards a healthier and more energized workday. Work Water offers you the opportunity to bridge the gap between your aspirations and a natural, refreshing alternative. Experience the taste of an elevated white popsicle with notes of coconut, carefully crafted to keep you motivated and focused on what matters.